Since around 2008, refurbishment has taken over from new builds to be our core business, including non-Corby designs.  Nothing frightens us, in fact the more difficult and impossible the project, the more we love it.

In house we cover all the composite boatbuilding, cosmetic work and spraying.   Although we can obviously do all the designwork ourselves too, we are happy to work with other designers if required.

If we don’t have a particular skill in-house, there will be somebody within walking distance in Cowes who does. For example we work with local specialists for:  traditional wooden joinery;  custom metalwork in stainless and aluminium;  rigging;  electronics;  engine & machinery;  sailmaking & soft furnishings.

Quick links:

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Hull shape alterations

Spraying and hand painting

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New keels and keel extensions

Custom fittings & detailing

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Half models

Design Consultancy


30 years designing & building boats

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